Saturday, 14 April 2012

Unwelcome Visitor

So last night, the farmer came knocking on my door.

He said the police told him we were happy to pay the vet bills. We didn't say that! We only told them our dogs are insured!

What we told the police was - We did feel sorry that the puppy was injured and we had a discussion and thought that even though we didn't think Buddy was fully responsible, we would pay some money towards the fee. 

And now that boat has sailed.. after he called the police when he said he wouldn't and it was six to one and half a dozen to the other. Of course, he is entitled to change his mind. I am more annoyed that his wife lied and they had someone to lie on their behalf. They couldn't have found a less convincing witness other than a man who owns a dog that has bitten several people and dogs!

He said he is now £1k short because of this (£400 for puppy and £600 for vet's bill) and wants us to compensate him. He said since that accident, everything was still 'hunky dory' for us and they lost a dog.

He gave us the vet's report and the bill. We said we would look at that and I told him it wasn't cool that his wife lied and they got a "witness" accusing my dogs of being dangerous. He asked me who that witness was as he didn't know about it.. Obviously his wife didn't tell him that! 

He lingered around wanting us to say we would pay him. He also said I didn't control my dogs.. unlike him who has cows and dogs in his farm and everyone knows his dogs and livestock are fine and well controlled! He also mentioned he has an Alsatian. How can he be sure that his Alsatian or his cows didn't kick his 14 week old puppy? (I've only just realised it was 14 weeks old from the vet's report!). He also said he can't comment on anything about that incident as he wasn't there. So why come over then? Why not ask your wife to come talk to us?! 

After asking him to leave for the third time, we came in and looked at the report and the bill.

His puppy wasn't insured. Why would you spend £400 on a pedigree dog and not insure it? It wasn't chipped as well.

The vet's report said that the owners told him the dog was bitten on the abdomen and on examination, there are no punctured wounds. The cause of death was Peritonitis, the spleen and liver were not ruptured. 

We did a research on peritonitis and there are many causes of it. According to the police who questioned me, the injuries were consistent with being shaken violently. If you search on the net, it doesn't say that being shaken violently will cause peritonitis. 

From does my dog get peritonitis?

Peritonitis can be the result of injury to the abdomen, a ruptured organ, a puncture in the gastrointestinal tract as can happen when your dog ingests a foreign object, abdominal surgery or pancreatitis.From Petmd:  

  • Caused by the spread of a causative agent through the blood
  • Secondary peritonitis (caused by an injury elsewhere in the body)
Common form
  • Caused by injury to the abdominal cavity or hollow organs
  • Bacterial or chemical contamination:
  • Opening of surgical sites
  • Penetrating abdominal wounds
  • Blunt abdominal trauma
  • Severe inflammation of the pancreas
  • Filling of the abdomen with pus
  • Liver abscesses (inflamed swelling with pus)
     -- in males, inflamed swelling with pus from the prostate gland
  • Rupture of the gallbladder, urinary bladder, or bile duct
So which is it??

When the farmer came round the day after the incident, he said it was a ruptured spleen. When PC Dickhead Dixon came, he said there were bite marks all over it and it's death was caused by bite marks causing a ruptured spleen. When I went to give my statement, I was told by the police it was shaken violently and they had the same vet's report given to me by the farmer. Now, the vet's report said it's not a ruptured spleen but peritonitis!

If the puppy's owner had been sensible, we would have paid half the bill. However, because of him reporting us to the police and the stress that I had to go through with the police and them lying and then finding out that they asked someone to lie on their behalf, I am not inclined to give them a penny!

I'm so annoyed that these people have the audacity to come ask for compensation when they have been lying! Actually, to be fair to the farmer, I think he wasn't told the truth by his wife!

I still think the puppy was already injured before we met him because of the loud cry he did when it saw us. It's just unlucky that we have met him that day! 

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