Monday, 16 April 2012

Staffies 2 - Liars 0

Went out for a walk this evening with my two Staffies. Did the usual route...walked to the rugby field and threw sticks for Buddy. 

I noticed a dog from far with its two owners. They looked familiar.. yes.. it's those two idiots again who abused me and my husband on Saturday evening!!! They kept watching me and I could see from their body language that they are trying to tell me, "We're watching you!!"  I felt uncomfortable so decided to go home. 

As I was about to leave, I met two dog walkers, both Staffy owners! One of them hasn't met Buddy and Peanut before but I have talked to  her once when we were looking for signatures for the petition and she told us what to do with regards to the police complaint. She was really pleased to meet Buddy and Peanut. She said she couldn't believe Buddy is a vicious dog! Her dog, Dexter, is a full Staffy too and is very soft.

I told them I'm heading home as I felt really uncomfortable with the horrible couple watching me. They invited me to walk with them and said they would support me if they turn nasty.

When we were near them, about a few meters away, the horrible lady shouted "Put your dogs on the lead! Put them on the lead!"  She then carried her dog (i think it was a labrador) and put it on her shoulder! It was a funny sight. I wished I had taken a picture but I couldn't as I had to get Peanut back. I was worried they would kick her. 

They then said, "Your dogs are supposed to be on the lead! It ripped the Spaniel's head off!"


If you have been reading the previous posts, you will remember that we were first told that it was a ruptured spleen then there was bite marks all over it and PC Dickhead Dixon said the cause of death was ruptured spleen caused by bite marks! I was then told it was shaken violently..and now the head has been ripped off!! The vet report does not mention that, of course! 

One of the ladies stood up for me and told them they should be ashamed of themselves for intimidating me when I was alone and they were twats. HAHAHA. She also said she has known my dogs since they were young and they have never been agressive.

The horrible couple threatened to call the police. The other lady told them to shut up and said if Buddy were a dangerous dog, it would have ripped her dog's head off! 

I pulled my dogs away and walked to the side while they talked to the horrible couple. Apparently, the horrible couple were told that there is a chinese lady with two dangerous Staffies and one of them had ripped the head off a Spaniel.. now I am THE Chinese lady with 2 dangerous Staffies.. 

Anyway, we left and they were still watching us. What is wrong with these people?! 

I am very glad to have met these two dog walkers. They were very kind to have stood up for me. There is nothing better than independent support for matters such as this. I hope this horrible couple will now think twice if they try to intimidate us again. 

On the way home, one of the ladies said.. it's just chinese whispers! Then she turned to me and apologised! LOL! I wasn't offended at all!

Piccies from the today's walk:
Buddy and Dexter getting to know each other. Both tails wagging!

4 NON dangerous Staffies!


  1. Ha! Buddy's bot look massive in that shot! Dexter looks lovely.
    It's refreshing and comforting to know that there are at least some nice people out there, and who will stick up for you too.
    The labrador couple are quite obviously crackers and shouldn't be allowed out in public!

  2. Buddy has put on a bit of weight.. he has been eating Peanut's breakfast! That's because Peanut only eats the good stuff and leaves the rest so Buddy just wanders over and finish them off!