Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day

I am not a huge fan of Harry Hill but I watch TV Burp once in a while. It's quite funny. If you have watched it before, you will be familiar with the tune of "TV Highlight of the Week". I have been singing "Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day to that tune! 

I have had people searching for "Dangerous staffies" and "Staffy x with Rhodesian Ridgeback dangerous?" and got redirected to my blog. The purpose of "Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day (Did you sing it to that tune??)  is to let this people know that not all Staffies are dangerous. They are only dangerous if their owners are. 

Today's "Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day (Did you sing it to that tune??) is: 

This was taken last June. The dog on the right is Oscar. He is a Staffy cross with Jack Russell.  He loves running and rolling around in the grass (or maybe fox poo too) and loves playing with other dogs. I have not seen him for a while now. I hope he is ok. 

In this photo, Peanut has just nicked Buddy's stick (she does this all the time!) while Buddy was distracted by Oscar.  I love this picture!

Edit (4th Aug 2012): A few months ago, we heard that Oscar's owner had passed away. :( We are not sure where Oscar is at the moment. I think his owner did mention about his son before so I guess Oscar should be with him... 

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