Monday, 16 April 2012

"Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day

Today's "Dangerous Dog" Pic of the day is Buddy! This picture was taken on the 27th of April 2011. That was the day that Buddy was abandoned... He was tied to the fence near the rugby club which is just a few minutes away from our house. I didn't find him actually. My MIL did. 

She saw a crowd near the fence and it turned out, there was a Staffy tied to the fence with a bag of food and a note next to it. I am not sure what time Buddy was left there but he was discovered around 7am. There were many dog walkers there and they weren't sure what to do with him as no one could have him. MIL stepped in and decided to bring him home!

I remembered I was upstairs putting on my beautiful face! I could hear my husband saying, "Hello! Hello! Aren't you a handsome lad!". I thought to myself, "Strange..why is he talking like that? Is there a new dog in the house?" I got downstairs and true enough, there was a new dog in my lounge!

I was told the story and we didn't know what to do with him. MIL and my husband had to go out and so I stayed at home and looked after the dogs. MIL's dog and Peanut Butter didn't take much notice of Buddy. Buddy was happily running around in the garden and was playing fetch with me. He also had a very bad tummy so poo-ed all over the garden.. and they were wet.. -_-.... 

I fell in love with Buddy. I was hoping we could have him but we are not sure if we can handle another dog. When MIL got back, we decided to bring Buddy to the RSPCA. I was a bit sad because I wanted to keep him... 

When we got to the RSPCA, we were told they couldn't just take in an abandoned dog unless we were the owners. It had to go through the dog warden. I was secretly happy because it means I can have more time with Buddy and maybe we can keep him!

We went back and called a dog rescue centre asking what we can do and they told us we don't want to send him to the Dog Warden's because it's a depressing place and because he is abandoned, no one will find him. If he is not picked up in 7 days, he will be put down! :( We called Dogs Trust and they said the same thing.

I kept asking if we could keep him but my husband said not now. MIL decided she was going to keep him and we can think about it and not rush into making a decision. I wanted MIL to stay a few more days (she lives in Hertfordshire) so I could spend more time with Buddy!

Buddy left with MIL and she had him neutered and vaccinated. She updated us on how he well he was getting along with her cats. A lady that my MIL had not even met before brought Buddy out for a walk! (she was thinking about adopting him) She had lost her dog a few weeks before and she was bringing her daughter to town when Buddy ran up the lane to say hello to her. They loved him and asked if they could bring him out for a walk. They adored him but decided not to have him as they weren't ready for another dog yet.

We had a discussion about keeping Buddy and asked MIL for her opinion and she said we have been wanting another dog anyway and the rescue centres are full of Staffies so we might as well have him - we wouldn't find a better natured dog!

So the decision was made and on the 5th of May, Buddy found his forever home!

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