Saturday, 14 April 2012

Horrible People

This evening my husband let our dogs out for a pee at the common.

As the dogs ran out, they met this couple walking a dog. They didn't run straight up to them. They stopped and wanted to go say hello. My husband called me over and asked me to help get the dogs in as the people don't seem too keen.

This lady and her partner kept staring at us and started whispering.. I thought it was just another case of Staffy prejudice and told Peanut to get back in...

Of course, Peanut being herself.. just stood there! She didn't move but looked at the couple and her dog. She doesn't like things that doesn't move or things that move slowly.. eg. A few months ago, there was an old man jogging along the canal ..and he was jogging really really slowly (slower than a mobility scooter..) and Peanut got scared and started barking at him. Peanut never barks.. unless she's scared or upset. She doesn't make a good guard dog unless the burglar is walking reaaally slow. She wouldn't like zombies either. I once tried to walk like a zombie and she got scared!!

Anyway, we finally got Peanut back and then the lady shouted.. "Your dogs should be on the lead!! Your dog is a killer. It killed our friend's puppy!"

Oh what are the chances of that happening?! Are you kidding me?

I shouted back and said my dog didn't kill it!! My husband was very angry too and said they weren't there so they should just mind their own business. My husband kept asking me to go in but I was so angry, I refused and stood my ground. The guy then told us to fuck off and he said "I know where you live!" The lady also said "I'm going to report you to the police".

I have not seen this lady before and I'm convinced she was sent by the puppy's owner to come spy on us! However, my husband has seen her before..weeks before the incident. She would stand far away from my husband and my dogs and watch them. My husband thinks he took a video or photo of the dogs too. I think she is a staffy hater and was just waiting for our dogs to misbehave so she could report us!

I took a pic of them..because I want to remember their faces in case they come create any trouble.
Here's a pic of them. Unfortunately, I only have my mobile phone with me and I was quite far away from them so it's not very clear..but you can see that she is pointing at us! Her body language shows that she is not very happy with us!

I hope they will not come and create any more trouble. I just want this to go away! It should have been sorted by now!!

I was so angry after this.. I wanted to punch the wall.. the last time I did that was when my idiot ex boss refused to let me go home for dinner at 6.30pm and insisted I work on the budget that will need at least another 3 hours of my time! He didn't offer to buy me dinner either!

After being verbally abused by these two idiots, I am less inclined to give the puppy's owner any compensation!

When will this ever end?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? I'm sick of it!

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