Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Happy Birthday, Peanut Butter!

Peanut Butter is three today!
I sang her a birthday song but I don't think she cares!

She spent her day sleeping. She seems tired. Perhaps age is catching up on her.

The year before last, we gave her a piece of pork bone (raw). She enjoyed it but it made her sick the next day. She had a funny tummy and spent the day in her crate. So no more pork bone this time.

I had a slice of Victoria Sponge to celebrate her birthday. She had a bit of it too and enjoyed it of course.

Happy Birthday, Peanut Butter!

Monday, 4 June 2012

"Dangerous Dog" Pic of The Day

I woke up to news of a dog attack incident in Swindon. A two year old boy has been mauled by dogs BELIEVED to be Staffies. In my opinion, the media only reports the breed when it fits into the ludicrous 'dangerous dogs' category and not otherwise. The media would never report the breed to be a Labrador or a mutt, even if it was, as it doesn't make a story.

I've read some comments saying that Staffies should be banned! Grrr! I'm also very happy to see many people defending the breed.

Update: Just seen the news, reporter said a witness has said it's a bigger not and it doesn't look a staffy and one dog was involved. Not TWO! Why can't the media get their facts straight before putting any pictures of Staffies on their sites? If it's a Staffy, fine, put a pic of a staffy. If you are not sure yet, then don't!! 

Did you know that Dachshund can be agressive too?? No? Check this out. 
>> I can't find any updated stats but I am sure Staffies are not on top of that list!

Not all staffies are dangerous. Some are trained to fight by idiots.. most are just trained to be good family pets. 

Here's a pic of Peanut Butter. Taken a month after we adopted her. I'm not sure who this boy is. He was at the pub and kept asking if he could play with Peanut Butter. I watched them play to make sure Peanut would not do anything bad to him or him doing things that Peanut might not like! We even took Peanut for a quick walk round the pub's beer garden while his mum was chatting to her friends!

Boy mauled by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier... NOT!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Peanut's Story - Part 2

Part 1 of Peanut's story can be found here.

Our previous experiences in trying to adopt a dog had dampened our initial enthusiasm so we took a couple of weeks to think about what we were going to do next.

I had a day off on my birthday and decided we should go to the RSPCA to have a look.

The RSPCA officer asked us a few questions - are we employed, what hours do we work etc. We told her we were interested in Jess, the Staffy that was featured on their notice board. She told us that because my husband and I had not owned a dog together before (we'd both had dogs before we met) and we had no experience in a bull breed before, we couldn't have her.

She took out a folder containing details of the 25 dogs that are suitable for re-homing and went through each one and then said.. "Ah.. here's one. She might be suitable." Just ONE out of the twenty-five! It was a black labrador. Two year old.. and dumped by her family because it didn't like the baby..(ARGH!!) We met it but she didn't seem keen on us.

The lady then said.. "We have puppies".  That's it..we have to see the puppies! You should have seen my husband's eyes light up!

So in the puppy area, there were lots that were already reserved but there were these three staffies in the pen..wanting to get out for a play. 

I was attracted to a brindled one, and I thought my husband had spotted the same puppy, but when the one he asked to meet was taken out of the was the smallest copper coloured dog with the super tongue! Her name was Medusa - probably because her tongue was like 20 snakes! She also had a very bristly chin which even penetrated thought my jeans! First, she ran the wrong way but then the lady called her back and she saw  all of of us waiting she ran up and the licking commenced :-)

MIL and I were very keen to adopt this puppy but my husband wasn't sure as we would have to house train it. We told the lady that we would think about it and call back should we want to adopt her. We discussed on the way back to the car. Will we be able to train her? Will we be able to deal with the mess before she gets house broken? 

Before we had even got into the car, we had made up our minds. We went back to the RSPCA and said, "Yes, We'll have Medusa please!" The lady at the reception laughed and said that was fast.

A few days later, someone from the RSPCA came to check our house and said every thing should be fine and said someone will call us back and we can arrange for a time to collect Medusa. In the mean time, I was busy reading Cesar Milan's book - How to Raise the Perfect Dog!

On April 14th, we went to collect Medusa who shall now be known as Peanut Butter! I will always remember this day. 

We took her out of the RSPCA, a big truck went past us and she hid behind our legs. Awww! We got her into the car and she was shaking! She hated the car. She sat on my lap and was on her way to her forever home!
Peanut Butter's First Day at Home

She's dog tired...

Peanut's Story - Part 1

After finally getting our first home, my husband and I decided it was time to get a dog.

We looked at various rescue websites and they were mostly Staffies! My husband and MIL suggested getting one but I wasn't sure because I was a bit worried after reading all the bad press about them. (I'm sorry! I was one of those idiots!) but my MIL told me how nice they are and I did some research and decided "OK! A staffy it is!"

So we contacted a rescue centre and enquired about a few dogs there. One of the ladies came over to check our house and made sure that there's enough space for the dog etc. She then told us about the dogs in their care and we told her we were interested in Milo a two year old Staffy. She gave us a bit of his background. He was given up by his owner who bought him in a whim after getting a divorce and now doesn't have time to look after him! (ARGH!)  She gave us the details of the foster home and we went down the next weekend to meet Milo. They told us more about Milo and he seemed like a nice dog.

To cut the long story short, we decided we'll have him and made an appointment to pick him up and sort out the paperwork the next weekend. I was really excited. We bought a doggy bed for him, toys etc!

When we got there, there was the lady from the rescue centre, the fosterers, a dog behaviourists, us, my MIL and her dogs. We wanted to make sure that Milo would get along with MIL's dog. When we got there, the first thing the dog rescue lady said was.."Are you interested in having two beagles instead?". I went "huh? What the hell is this lady talking about? We want Milo!" Anyway, I could feel some tension in the air. It was strange. The rescue lady and the dog behaviourist seemed really nervous..and kept trying to sell us the beagles!

Anyway, we walked to a nearby park. I can still feel the tension. I think it came mainly from the dog behaviourist because of the way she handled Milo.. MIL's dog didn't seem to like Milo very much because of his behaviour. 

When we got to the park and let them off the lead. Milo ran around like a giddy pup and kept jumping on one of MIL's dog who was crying in distress! The main problem was that when MIL's dogs would tell him off he would escalate the problem. I knew it was all over... 

Then one of them mentioned that he's not very good with other dogs and he fought with the foster carers dog and there was blood! OMG! I was so annoyed because they didn't tell us this when we met Milo the first time! We said we can't have a dog like that as my MIL visits often with her dogs. The dog behaviourist suggested that we put Milo in the kennel when my MIL comes visit! That's ridiculous!  What kind of dog behaviourist are you? How can you suggest this? How can I boot my dog out for the day or weeks when my MIL comes visit! It's unfair to Milo!
I knew it then that we are not going home with Milo... so I cried! I was so disappointed...

We were really annoyed with the rescue centre because they weren't honest with us in the beginning. We told them we can't have Milo and the lady kept asking us to get the beagles! We were so annoyed and said we will think about it and left. 

I cried in the car on the way home.. :( 

A few weeks later, we revisited the idea of getting a dog and visited the Dogs Trust. I really like the profile of this old dog, Wilson, we read on their site. "I think this could be our first dog!" I said to myself. We went to Dogs Trust the next weekend and asked to see him. They took us to him and said.. "oh he's not very friendly now.. bit someone the other day". :((( Kennel stress... sigh. They said he's not suitable to be re-homed at the moment. We also met a lovely young lurcher called Jimmy. He was too energetic for us..

So again, I went home disappointed. :( 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

"Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day

Apologies for the lack of updates lately.
I have been busy getting ready for my holiday and also been enjoying the quiet evenings.. not worrying about crazy people knocking on my door.

We have not received any letters from the puppy's owner...not sure if she is going to pursue the matter. We'll wait and see.

In the meantime, today's (DD)POTD is...

Peanut looks like a dead cow here... don't you think?

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Happy Respite

We received a call from the Officer who investigated the case this evening.

He had told the farmer about that couple who harassed and abused us. The farmer was quite annoyed with that. He wasn't happy that his partner's friends getting involved and he hadn't asked them to come and harass us. He is going to have a word with them.

He won't be coming around anymore but they will be writing us letters instead. The officer mentioned that it will most probably be the lady who will be writing to us and not the farmer.

I think he has had enough of doing his partner's dirty work. He must have been very annoyed to have found out about the 'witness' as well. 

I guess I can kind of relax a little bit now.. knowing they won't be knocking on my door anymore. I will of course keep a look out for The Crazies...

Anyway, we shall wait for their letter and go from there. 

Here's a pic of my dogs.. to make this visit to my blog worth your while!

The BFFs cuddling each other

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

"Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day


Today's "DD"POTD is... 

This was taken just a few days after we adopted Buddy. It didn't take too long for them to become best friends! We took them for a long walk that day and this was the result. Having said that, Peanut is pretty lazy anyway and there are many days where she does absolutely nothing but sleep!

Buddy wasn't used to long walks when we first got him. The pads on his paws were pink and soft. As he wasn't used to walking on hard ground, he would limp for a little while. He has got used to it now and is now happy to go for long walks!

Update on the incident with The Crazies (the Horrible couple mentioned in previous posts): I have emailed the PC who was investigating the puppy incident about what had happened.  He called me and said he's off to visit the puppy's owner to pass them some paperwork and will mention what had happened to them and that his friends should keep their opinion to themselves. Hopefully that will be the last I see of The Crazies...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day

I am not a huge fan of Harry Hill but I watch TV Burp once in a while. It's quite funny. If you have watched it before, you will be familiar with the tune of "TV Highlight of the Week". I have been singing "Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day to that tune! 

I have had people searching for "Dangerous staffies" and "Staffy x with Rhodesian Ridgeback dangerous?" and got redirected to my blog. The purpose of "Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day (Did you sing it to that tune??)  is to let this people know that not all Staffies are dangerous. They are only dangerous if their owners are. 

Today's "Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day (Did you sing it to that tune??) is: 

This was taken last June. The dog on the right is Oscar. He is a Staffy cross with Jack Russell.  He loves running and rolling around in the grass (or maybe fox poo too) and loves playing with other dogs. I have not seen him for a while now. I hope he is ok. 

In this photo, Peanut has just nicked Buddy's stick (she does this all the time!) while Buddy was distracted by Oscar.  I love this picture!

Edit (4th Aug 2012): A few months ago, we heard that Oscar's owner had passed away. :( We are not sure where Oscar is at the moment. I think his owner did mention about his son before so I guess Oscar should be with him... 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Staffies 2 - Liars 0

Went out for a walk this evening with my two Staffies. Did the usual route...walked to the rugby field and threw sticks for Buddy. 

I noticed a dog from far with its two owners. They looked familiar.. yes.. it's those two idiots again who abused me and my husband on Saturday evening!!! They kept watching me and I could see from their body language that they are trying to tell me, "We're watching you!!"  I felt uncomfortable so decided to go home. 

As I was about to leave, I met two dog walkers, both Staffy owners! One of them hasn't met Buddy and Peanut before but I have talked to  her once when we were looking for signatures for the petition and she told us what to do with regards to the police complaint. She was really pleased to meet Buddy and Peanut. She said she couldn't believe Buddy is a vicious dog! Her dog, Dexter, is a full Staffy too and is very soft.

I told them I'm heading home as I felt really uncomfortable with the horrible couple watching me. They invited me to walk with them and said they would support me if they turn nasty.

When we were near them, about a few meters away, the horrible lady shouted "Put your dogs on the lead! Put them on the lead!"  She then carried her dog (i think it was a labrador) and put it on her shoulder! It was a funny sight. I wished I had taken a picture but I couldn't as I had to get Peanut back. I was worried they would kick her. 

They then said, "Your dogs are supposed to be on the lead! It ripped the Spaniel's head off!"


If you have been reading the previous posts, you will remember that we were first told that it was a ruptured spleen then there was bite marks all over it and PC Dickhead Dixon said the cause of death was ruptured spleen caused by bite marks! I was then told it was shaken violently..and now the head has been ripped off!! The vet report does not mention that, of course! 

One of the ladies stood up for me and told them they should be ashamed of themselves for intimidating me when I was alone and they were twats. HAHAHA. She also said she has known my dogs since they were young and they have never been agressive.

The horrible couple threatened to call the police. The other lady told them to shut up and said if Buddy were a dangerous dog, it would have ripped her dog's head off! 

I pulled my dogs away and walked to the side while they talked to the horrible couple. Apparently, the horrible couple were told that there is a chinese lady with two dangerous Staffies and one of them had ripped the head off a Spaniel.. now I am THE Chinese lady with 2 dangerous Staffies.. 

Anyway, we left and they were still watching us. What is wrong with these people?! 

I am very glad to have met these two dog walkers. They were very kind to have stood up for me. There is nothing better than independent support for matters such as this. I hope this horrible couple will now think twice if they try to intimidate us again. 

On the way home, one of the ladies said.. it's just chinese whispers! Then she turned to me and apologised! LOL! I wasn't offended at all!

Piccies from the today's walk:
Buddy and Dexter getting to know each other. Both tails wagging!

4 NON dangerous Staffies!

"Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day

Today's "Dangerous Dog" Pic of the day is Buddy! This picture was taken on the 27th of April 2011. That was the day that Buddy was abandoned... He was tied to the fence near the rugby club which is just a few minutes away from our house. I didn't find him actually. My MIL did. 

She saw a crowd near the fence and it turned out, there was a Staffy tied to the fence with a bag of food and a note next to it. I am not sure what time Buddy was left there but he was discovered around 7am. There were many dog walkers there and they weren't sure what to do with him as no one could have him. MIL stepped in and decided to bring him home!

I remembered I was upstairs putting on my beautiful face! I could hear my husband saying, "Hello! Hello! Aren't you a handsome lad!". I thought to myself, "Strange..why is he talking like that? Is there a new dog in the house?" I got downstairs and true enough, there was a new dog in my lounge!

I was told the story and we didn't know what to do with him. MIL and my husband had to go out and so I stayed at home and looked after the dogs. MIL's dog and Peanut Butter didn't take much notice of Buddy. Buddy was happily running around in the garden and was playing fetch with me. He also had a very bad tummy so poo-ed all over the garden.. and they were wet.. -_-.... 

I fell in love with Buddy. I was hoping we could have him but we are not sure if we can handle another dog. When MIL got back, we decided to bring Buddy to the RSPCA. I was a bit sad because I wanted to keep him... 

When we got to the RSPCA, we were told they couldn't just take in an abandoned dog unless we were the owners. It had to go through the dog warden. I was secretly happy because it means I can have more time with Buddy and maybe we can keep him!

We went back and called a dog rescue centre asking what we can do and they told us we don't want to send him to the Dog Warden's because it's a depressing place and because he is abandoned, no one will find him. If he is not picked up in 7 days, he will be put down! :( We called Dogs Trust and they said the same thing.

I kept asking if we could keep him but my husband said not now. MIL decided she was going to keep him and we can think about it and not rush into making a decision. I wanted MIL to stay a few more days (she lives in Hertfordshire) so I could spend more time with Buddy!

Buddy left with MIL and she had him neutered and vaccinated. She updated us on how he well he was getting along with her cats. A lady that my MIL had not even met before brought Buddy out for a walk! (she was thinking about adopting him) She had lost her dog a few weeks before and she was bringing her daughter to town when Buddy ran up the lane to say hello to her. They loved him and asked if they could bring him out for a walk. They adored him but decided not to have him as they weren't ready for another dog yet.

We had a discussion about keeping Buddy and asked MIL for her opinion and she said we have been wanting another dog anyway and the rescue centres are full of Staffies so we might as well have him - we wouldn't find a better natured dog!

So the decision was made and on the 5th of May, Buddy found his forever home!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

"Dangerous Dog" Pic of the Day

This is my first "Dangerous Dog" pic of the day. It was taken in June 2010, a few months after we got Peanut Butter from the RSPCA. I can't remember where this pic was taken but it was somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales.

Peanut was about 7 months old in this picture. As you can see, she is NOT dangerous. The other dog is Piper who is an 'elderly' dog. She belongs to my mother-in-law. Piper and Newton (another of MIL's) didn't like Peanut Butter very much at first because she was a young 'un. They soon got used to her and Peanut treats them with respect now. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Horrible People

This evening my husband let our dogs out for a pee at the common.

As the dogs ran out, they met this couple walking a dog. They didn't run straight up to them. They stopped and wanted to go say hello. My husband called me over and asked me to help get the dogs in as the people don't seem too keen.

This lady and her partner kept staring at us and started whispering.. I thought it was just another case of Staffy prejudice and told Peanut to get back in...

Of course, Peanut being herself.. just stood there! She didn't move but looked at the couple and her dog. She doesn't like things that doesn't move or things that move slowly.. eg. A few months ago, there was an old man jogging along the canal ..and he was jogging really really slowly (slower than a mobility scooter..) and Peanut got scared and started barking at him. Peanut never barks.. unless she's scared or upset. She doesn't make a good guard dog unless the burglar is walking reaaally slow. She wouldn't like zombies either. I once tried to walk like a zombie and she got scared!!

Anyway, we finally got Peanut back and then the lady shouted.. "Your dogs should be on the lead!! Your dog is a killer. It killed our friend's puppy!"

Oh what are the chances of that happening?! Are you kidding me?

I shouted back and said my dog didn't kill it!! My husband was very angry too and said they weren't there so they should just mind their own business. My husband kept asking me to go in but I was so angry, I refused and stood my ground. The guy then told us to fuck off and he said "I know where you live!" The lady also said "I'm going to report you to the police".

I have not seen this lady before and I'm convinced she was sent by the puppy's owner to come spy on us! However, my husband has seen her before..weeks before the incident. She would stand far away from my husband and my dogs and watch them. My husband thinks he took a video or photo of the dogs too. I think she is a staffy hater and was just waiting for our dogs to misbehave so she could report us!

I took a pic of them..because I want to remember their faces in case they come create any trouble.
Here's a pic of them. Unfortunately, I only have my mobile phone with me and I was quite far away from them so it's not very clear..but you can see that she is pointing at us! Her body language shows that she is not very happy with us!

I hope they will not come and create any more trouble. I just want this to go away! It should have been sorted by now!!

I was so angry after this.. I wanted to punch the wall.. the last time I did that was when my idiot ex boss refused to let me go home for dinner at 6.30pm and insisted I work on the budget that will need at least another 3 hours of my time! He didn't offer to buy me dinner either!

After being verbally abused by these two idiots, I am less inclined to give the puppy's owner any compensation!

When will this ever end?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? I'm sick of it!

Unwelcome Visitor

So last night, the farmer came knocking on my door.

He said the police told him we were happy to pay the vet bills. We didn't say that! We only told them our dogs are insured!

What we told the police was - We did feel sorry that the puppy was injured and we had a discussion and thought that even though we didn't think Buddy was fully responsible, we would pay some money towards the fee. 

And now that boat has sailed.. after he called the police when he said he wouldn't and it was six to one and half a dozen to the other. Of course, he is entitled to change his mind. I am more annoyed that his wife lied and they had someone to lie on their behalf. They couldn't have found a less convincing witness other than a man who owns a dog that has bitten several people and dogs!

He said he is now £1k short because of this (£400 for puppy and £600 for vet's bill) and wants us to compensate him. He said since that accident, everything was still 'hunky dory' for us and they lost a dog.

He gave us the vet's report and the bill. We said we would look at that and I told him it wasn't cool that his wife lied and they got a "witness" accusing my dogs of being dangerous. He asked me who that witness was as he didn't know about it.. Obviously his wife didn't tell him that! 

He lingered around wanting us to say we would pay him. He also said I didn't control my dogs.. unlike him who has cows and dogs in his farm and everyone knows his dogs and livestock are fine and well controlled! He also mentioned he has an Alsatian. How can he be sure that his Alsatian or his cows didn't kick his 14 week old puppy? (I've only just realised it was 14 weeks old from the vet's report!). He also said he can't comment on anything about that incident as he wasn't there. So why come over then? Why not ask your wife to come talk to us?! 

After asking him to leave for the third time, we came in and looked at the report and the bill.

His puppy wasn't insured. Why would you spend £400 on a pedigree dog and not insure it? It wasn't chipped as well.

The vet's report said that the owners told him the dog was bitten on the abdomen and on examination, there are no punctured wounds. The cause of death was Peritonitis, the spleen and liver were not ruptured. 

We did a research on peritonitis and there are many causes of it. According to the police who questioned me, the injuries were consistent with being shaken violently. If you search on the net, it doesn't say that being shaken violently will cause peritonitis. 

From does my dog get peritonitis?

Peritonitis can be the result of injury to the abdomen, a ruptured organ, a puncture in the gastrointestinal tract as can happen when your dog ingests a foreign object, abdominal surgery or pancreatitis.From Petmd:  

  • Caused by the spread of a causative agent through the blood
  • Secondary peritonitis (caused by an injury elsewhere in the body)
Common form
  • Caused by injury to the abdominal cavity or hollow organs
  • Bacterial or chemical contamination:
  • Opening of surgical sites
  • Penetrating abdominal wounds
  • Blunt abdominal trauma
  • Severe inflammation of the pancreas
  • Filling of the abdomen with pus
  • Liver abscesses (inflamed swelling with pus)
     -- in males, inflamed swelling with pus from the prostate gland
  • Rupture of the gallbladder, urinary bladder, or bile duct
So which is it??

When the farmer came round the day after the incident, he said it was a ruptured spleen. When PC Dickhead Dixon came, he said there were bite marks all over it and it's death was caused by bite marks causing a ruptured spleen. When I went to give my statement, I was told by the police it was shaken violently and they had the same vet's report given to me by the farmer. Now, the vet's report said it's not a ruptured spleen but peritonitis!

If the puppy's owner had been sensible, we would have paid half the bill. However, because of him reporting us to the police and the stress that I had to go through with the police and them lying and then finding out that they asked someone to lie on their behalf, I am not inclined to give them a penny!

I'm so annoyed that these people have the audacity to come ask for compensation when they have been lying! Actually, to be fair to the farmer, I think he wasn't told the truth by his wife!

I still think the puppy was already injured before we met him because of the loud cry he did when it saw us. It's just unlucky that we have met him that day! 

Staffies 1 - Liars 0

A few weeks ago, we had the misfortune of meeting a lady with a Cocker Spaniel puppy..and it didn't go very well. The police were involved and we were accused of having dangerous dogs. It was the most stressful time of my life. 

Below is my statement to the police about the incident:
On the 5th of March, i went out for a walk with my two dogs around 5pm at the common.
We met a lady with a Spaniel puppy. The puppy saw us from far and started barking. The bark sounded strange and more like a cry. It was loud. 
When one of my dogs, Peanut Butter approached the puppy, the puppy ran away and I told the lady "I better get my dog away". The lady replied "It's ok, I want my dog to socialise with other dogs". 
I let Peanut play with the puppy while I threw sticks for my other dog, Buddy. Peanut normally enjoys playing with other dogs while Buddy prefers sticks.  
While playing with Buddy, the puppy kept barking and kept running up to Buddy who didn't want to play with it. Buddy barked at it and told it to go away. When i pulled Buddy away from the puppy, the lady said "It's ok."  
The puppy ran up to us a few more times barking at Buddy who was playing fetch with me. 
Buddy got annoyed and told the puppy off again. I went up to them and tried to get Buddy away but the puppy would just run over to us again.  
I told the lady to put her puppy on the lead while I distracted buddy with a stick  as it was upsetting him but she refused and her dog kept jumping on him. 
It was very hard to put my dog on the lead when the puppy kept coming up to us and kept barking. I was trying to put my dog on the lead but it was hard with her dog jumping on me and my dog while i was trying to do this. 
Buddy had enough and pinned it down and rubbed his muzzle on the puppy's tummy, Peanut has gone to do something else, when the fight started she started to bark. 
That lasted a few seconds before the lady then realised it's not a friendly play and stuck her hand between the two of them to try to separate them. 
I managed to pull Buddy away and put him on the lead and Peanut as well. She put her dog on the lead and showed me her hand that was bleeding and said it was my dog. 
I am not sure if Buddy has bitten her as she put her hand between her puppy and Buddy.
I asked if she was alright. She didn't reply and she walked away with her dog on the lead. 
I checked Buddy to see if there was any blood but couldn't see anything. I specifically checked his mouth and there was no blood there either.

That cry was so loud, one of my neighbours who lives down the road could hear it. 

I went home to tell my husband what happened. We went out to check if the lady was still there but she was gone.

The next day, her husband came to our house with a big stick. About 6ft long. He knew where we lived because he asked my neighbour, the one that heard that horrible cry. He asked my neighbour what kind of people we are and if the dogs are dangerous. My neighbour said we're nice people and the dogs are not dangerous. He told her that his dog has been injured and he is a farmer and he has land all over but he's not going to get the police involved. He also mentioned that the vet fees would cost £400. 

My neighbour thought it was strange that he had to mention that he has land all over! So did we!

Anyway, he came over and said Buddy had injured his puppy and it is now in serious condition - his spleen had been ruptured and it would cost £400. My husband told him what happened, ie. his wife wanted his dog to socialise with ours (she didn't tell the farmer that!). The farmer said, that sounds like his wife and it sounds like six to one and half a dozen to the other. We even let him meet the dogs. They came out and had a sniff at the farmer and walked straight back into the house. If they could speak, i think they would have gone "Meh..".  He said that they don't seem dangerous. My husband asked for his details and asked him to update us. He said he knew where we lived so he would come round if he needs to. 

We did feel sorry that the puppy was injured and we had a discussion and thought that even though we didn't think Buddy was fully responsible, we would pay some money towards the fee. 

Next day, the police came knocking on my door!! I was alone... I invited them in. I shouldn't have.. but I didn't know why I did! 

One of the policemen asked me to tell him what happened and I told him. I shall now copy the letter of complaint that I have written just to save myself from typing it out again!

Letter of Complaint to Police:

On Wednesday 7th March 2012 at around 1930hrs, Officer Dixon (PC Number xxxx) visited my house with his partner regarding an incident relating to my dogs. He did not give me his name and asked if I was alone. I said yes and he came in with his partner. 
Officer Dixon asked me to tell him what happened and after I did so, accused me of "messing about" and told me I wasn't telling the truth. He said there had also been complaints about my dogs being out of control, yet when I asked from whom he changed the subject. To clarify, we have never been informed of any complaints made about our dogs, and I found this allegation confusing and intimidating. I told him he could ask our neighbours or any dog walkers in the area and they would tell him that our dogs are not aggressive or dangerous. Officer Dixon told me he didn't care what they thought. 
I then asked if we could talk at the police station as my husband wasn't present and I was uncomfortable being alone with them. He refused and said he had to talk to me now. I called my husband who stayed on the line while Officer Dixon questioned me. My husband had a short conversation with Officer Dixon in another room while I told Officer Dixon's partner what happened again. 
Officer Dixon then returned and asked more questions. I told him what I knew and he went on to threaten me with arrest, repeating that I wasn't telling the truth and that I was "obstructing the investigation". 
I asked for his name and number and his response was: "We will come back to that later". He then asked for my name and I said I wasn't comfortable and felt threatened and intimidated by his behaviour. I asked them to leave my house and requested that we talk outside. I also said that I would like to get one of my neighbours to be present with me. This was ignored and when I opened the door, he turned to his partner and said twice "Shall we get her in?" I was very scared and went back into the house. 
He then asked for my name again and warned that if I don't give him this information he would arrest me. I gave him my name and details and Officer Dixon gave me his number after that. He also said he will call me and have a meeting sometime next week after his holiday. 
Officer Dixon then warned me and said I must put my dogs on the lead when I'm out with them. I said yes but he kept repeating it many times as if I didn't understand him. He then left with his partner. 
I would like to know why PC Dixon treated me in such a manner. I can't help but wonder whether, had my White British husband been at home at that time, he would have behaved very differently. 
I want you to know that I am not happy with the way I was treated. It appears that Officer Dixon had reached his own conclusions regarding the incident before hearing my version of events, and was not at all interested in what I had to say. His intimidating behaviour meant that I did not feel safe in my own home and when I requested for someone else to be present I was threatened with arrest. I was afraid that Officer Dixon would arrest me for telling the truth. 
I am very disappointed that police officers such as Officer Dixon are able to behave this way, act in a threatening manner toward a woman in her own home and refuse to let her have anyone with her when she asks. I was brought up to trust and respect authority, but after this incident I do not feel as though I can ever trust the Police again. I am utterly appalled by this experience, and so are my family and friends. 
I look forward to your reply about this matter. 

Officer Dixon asked me and my husband, (over the phone) why there were bite marks all over the puppy.  They wanted me to explain that. I said I couldn't because I didn't see Buddy bite the puppy and there wasn't any blood! I was quite agitated and I could have sworn at Officer Dixon but I was biting my tongue really hard! My husband was worried I would do that! Anyway, my husband asked what had caused the dog's death. Officer Dixon said death had been caused through bites. If you have been paying attention, you would have remembered the farmer said it was ruptured spleen! My husband told him what the farmer said and Officer Dixon, sounding like a total idiot said, "Well bite marks and ruptured spleen then!". My husband asked for a vet's report and Officer Dixon asked if he was joking. "Of course not!,  my husband said. It's a piece of evidence!

Officer Dixon also said, while pointing at Peanut Butter, that she had bitten the owner! It's not possible! She wasn't involved! But he insisted she did! 

The day after the police came, I went round the common where we normally walk our dogs and asked everyone who knows my dogs if they could sign a petition to say that our dogs have never been aggressive towards them or their dogs. Everyone was appalled to hear how the police have threatened me and didn't believe that Buddy would kill a puppy.

I also called the Equality and Human Rights Commission and asked if it was possible that PC Dixon was racist or sexist. As he didn't say it out loud that he was treating me badly because I'm Chinese or a woman, I couldn't. If I could get him to admit that, then I would be able to bring him to court.

I also emailed Wendy from Staffy Hub and asked for some advice.

There are only 4 reasons as to why PC Dixon would treat me this way:
1. He is racist.
2. He is sexist.
3. He knows the farmer.
4. He is an idiot. 

A few days after the complaint was made, we had a meeting with Officer Dixon's Sergeant to tell her what had happened. As this is not a serious case, ie. I wasn't assaulted by the police, it can only be dealt locally. She has since gave him "strong management advice" and has asked another officer to investigate the case regarding our dogs. 

This officer, after a few days of investigation invited me to go to the police station to give my statement. I had to do it in the custody suite as the other questioning rooms at the reception area were full. They even recorded the session on CASSETTE tapes (i didn't know they still use them!) so somewhere in a dark room at the West Yorkshire Police, there are two tapes with my name on them!

I told them what happened and they asked me a few How do I normally control my dogs, do you think Buddy could have killed the puppy? Are your dogs insured?

I did say that the Puppy sounded strange and it was like crying.. and it could have already been injured and Buddy was the one that dealt the final blow. The lady could have been bitten by Buddy or by her own dog..but if Buddy did, he didn't do it intentionally as she stuck her hands between the two dogs. Also, I checked Buddy's mouth and there wasn't any blood. My dogs are insured, chipped, spayed and neutered. 

The officer then told me what the lady said...which annoyed me but I stayed calm.

She said that she asked if her puppy could play with Peanut and Buddy and if our dogs are alright. I said yes. She said that Buddy suddenly snapped and had the puppy by it's neck and swung him violently. She asked me to put Buddy on the lead but I did nothing. She said she didn't want to go home with a dead dog so she had to do something. While trying to get her dog away from Buddy, Buddy bit her. She put her dog on the lead and I walked away with my dogs and continued to throw them sticks.

Here are reasons why it's obvious she's lying!

1. If Buddy had the puppy by its neck and swung him violently, the puppy would have been bleeding and would have died! Its neck would have been broken!

2. It is not possible to get the puppy away from Buddy if he had it by the neck! His jaws are strong! I can never get a stick off him unless he drops it! See proof below!

3. There would have been blood all over Buddy's mouth!

The officers then read me the vet's report. There wasn't any punctured wounds on the puppy. It has internal injuries that is consistent with being shaken violently.  I told the officers that if Buddy had done that, there would have been blood and one of them agreed with me.

You would think that the story would end here.. but there is more!

Apparently, there is also a complaint about Peanut Butter being out of control. According to the statement by another dog owner (the police gave me his name, Mr D. Winterburn who owns a Kings Charles Spaniel and a Collie cross with Alsatian). In Jan 2012, Peanut ran up to the Spaniel and had a go at it. He had to use his legs to kick Peanut away. He came over to me and asked me to put her on the lead and I just smiled at him!

WTF? This didn't happen! I asked when this was and the officer said it wasn't mentioned. I asked if he said it was definitely me he talked to,because if it did happen, he could have spoken to my MIL or my husband. The officer said it was me. If this did happen, I would definitely remember Peanut being kicked! Also if it had happened on a weekday, it could not have been me, as I can't walk the dogs on a weekday in Jan because it was still dark when I got up and it will be dark when I get home so normally my husband walks them during the weekday!

I had a suspicion who this person was but thought I must have got it wrong because why would this person accuse me when he himself has TWO CRAZY DANGEROUS DOGS! One of his dogs is nicknamed Mad Max by dog walkers here and there is a reason why he's called MAD MAX!

I then gave the officer my petition, consisting of 32, yes 32(!!), signatures and asked if he would talk to these people since he has talked to one person who had apparently, lied, and said my dogs are dangerous. He said he would if he needs to.

The interview took 45min!

I came home and asked my neighbour, if Mad Max's owner's name is Mr. D. Winterburn and she said yes! OH!! That annoyed me, it did! How dare he! One of his dogs had had a go at Peanut Butter before! I would never let my dogs be near them! I would always wait till they are gone before I let my dogs out or walk in the opposite direction. So why would I let Peanut go out when he is out?!?!?!

We have had no other troubles with them before. In fact, we helped them TWICE! Mad Max has twice got out of his house and was roaming around outside. We had to bring him back! 

My lovely neighbour came over and gave us a list of people and dogs who has been attacked by his dogs before! So far there are 10 on the list! She also thinks that Mr D. Winterburn knows the lady. 

The day after the interview, the police called at 10.30pm and said no action will be taken against us as there are no witnesses and they can't prove who's right or wrong. He said I gave a good account (ahem!) and told us to be careful in future and thanked us for the assistance. I think the lady shot herself in the leg when she said that Buddy had the puppy by its neck and swung him violently!

I am so glad this is finally over. It took about a month to get this sorted!

I have been wondering why Mr. D. Winterburn would say that Peanut had a go at his dog and not Buddy. I can only think of one reason, the lady wanted to get both dogs into trouble. First she told Officer Dixon that Peanut bit her and then she changed her story and said Buddy bit her.

It is now my mission to spread the news of what Mr. D. Winterburn has done. Apparently, it is already on the dog grapevine. Everyone who has met them or have had their dogs attacked by his dogs were disgusted to hear what he did! 

I am so glad that I have got the support of fellow dog walkers and staffy lovers!

I think another reason that Officer Dixon treated me badly and reached the conclusion that my dogs are dangerous is because my dogs are Staffies!

Unfortunately in recent years, Staffies have become the dog weapon of choice by yobs. They currently get a very hard press. This is unfair because they are great dogs! 

Staffies need as many people as possible to stand up for them! They are brilliant with children, hence the name "The Nanny Dog". My neighbours who have a 2 year old son are always happy to let him meet our dogs obviously with of us keeping an eye on things! 

If you came here, looking for dangerous Staffy stories, I do not have one for you. If you came here wanting to know more about Staffies, or a thinking of adopting a dog, I will recommend a Staffy to you. They are brilliant and if I ever want another dog, it will be a Staffy for me. Also, don't buy one, adopt one. There are too many Staffies needing a home out there. If you do want to buy one, check the breeder!

Thank you for reading this long story. Remember, Staffies are not dangerous! The owners are!

Places to go to if you want to adopt/foster a Staffy:

3. Staffy Hub (Twitter: @Staffy_Hub)
4. Staffie Rescue (Twitter: @Staffierescue)

These are the few that I know of. There are also many dog rescue places. You can find them on Google.