Thursday, 19 April 2012

Happy Respite

We received a call from the Officer who investigated the case this evening.

He had told the farmer about that couple who harassed and abused us. The farmer was quite annoyed with that. He wasn't happy that his partner's friends getting involved and he hadn't asked them to come and harass us. He is going to have a word with them.

He won't be coming around anymore but they will be writing us letters instead. The officer mentioned that it will most probably be the lady who will be writing to us and not the farmer.

I think he has had enough of doing his partner's dirty work. He must have been very annoyed to have found out about the 'witness' as well. 

I guess I can kind of relax a little bit now.. knowing they won't be knocking on my door anymore. I will of course keep a look out for The Crazies...

Anyway, we shall wait for their letter and go from there. 

Here's a pic of my dogs.. to make this visit to my blog worth your while!

The BFFs cuddling each other

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