Monday, 4 June 2012

"Dangerous Dog" Pic of The Day

I woke up to news of a dog attack incident in Swindon. A two year old boy has been mauled by dogs BELIEVED to be Staffies. In my opinion, the media only reports the breed when it fits into the ludicrous 'dangerous dogs' category and not otherwise. The media would never report the breed to be a Labrador or a mutt, even if it was, as it doesn't make a story.

I've read some comments saying that Staffies should be banned! Grrr! I'm also very happy to see many people defending the breed.

Update: Just seen the news, reporter said a witness has said it's a bigger not and it doesn't look a staffy and one dog was involved. Not TWO! Why can't the media get their facts straight before putting any pictures of Staffies on their sites? If it's a Staffy, fine, put a pic of a staffy. If you are not sure yet, then don't!! 

Did you know that Dachshund can be agressive too?? No? Check this out. 
>> I can't find any updated stats but I am sure Staffies are not on top of that list!

Not all staffies are dangerous. Some are trained to fight by idiots.. most are just trained to be good family pets. 

Here's a pic of Peanut Butter. Taken a month after we adopted her. I'm not sure who this boy is. He was at the pub and kept asking if he could play with Peanut Butter. I watched them play to make sure Peanut would not do anything bad to him or him doing things that Peanut might not like! We even took Peanut for a quick walk round the pub's beer garden while his mum was chatting to her friends!

Boy mauled by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier... NOT!!


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  4. AWWW!!! That's so CUTE!!! I am CERTAINLY a defender of the staffies!