Monday, 18 February 2013

I heard a rumour..

The rumours about my dogs being killer dogs are circulating again!!

It doesn't end does it?

Apparently, someone from the rugby club heard the story and told the lady that runs it about the incident - mostly false information of course!! She owns a Golden Retriever puppy (Rosie). I met the dog a few times before.

She told a dog walker she had to hid behind the trees whenever she sees me as she's worried my dogs would attack her and Rosie!

Luckily, Karen, the dog walker, told her it's all just a rumour and she knows us and has no problems with our dogs. Karen told her to tell everyone that it is all a lie! I am so grateful to Karen!

I was out throwing the ball for Buddy yesterday and turned round to see a man and a woman watching us. They have a pug. The annoying pug that barked at me a few times before! They picked up their pug and walked the other direction! I was a bit annoyed but felt better after knowing they will be walking through the muddy path! Ha!

The man who owns the pug annoys me too because firstly, he spent £1k on the pug and was thrown out of his house by his partner and dumped the dog on his poor dad! His dad knows us and has no problems with my dogs. His son however, is very annoying!

There was once I opened the back gate to bring the dogs out. I didn't see him round the corner. Peanut went over to say hello and wanted to sniff his dog and what did he do? He picked it up! Every single time! He does that every time! He kept saying, "Your dog is so big.. *nervous laughter".  grrr  I was in a bad mood then and said, "They may be big but they are not dangerous! They are curious".  Also, he lets his pug shits everywhere and he never picks them up! Scum!

Anyway, this afternoon, my husband took the dogs out and met a lady who confessed that she thought our dogs were dangerous but Peanut won her over by sitting down and giving the lady her paw - for a treat! Buddy wasn't too fussed as he was running after the balls. She said she only reacted to what she has been told and now she thinks our dogs are very soft!! I hope she tells everyone she sees that our dogs are not killers!

This rumour thing made me think of the song - I Heard a Rumour by Bananarama.
So why not listen to this song as you look at some dangerous dogs pic for erm.. the day/week/month.
Sorry for the lack of updates..

Happy Buddy had a great time running after balls

After I showed Peanut the treat. haha

Getting a treat

So tired...


  1. Hate to say it but your dogs even look dangerous in your hand picked photos.
    Your blog is great though. It's great to hear someone mental defending their killer dog with zero remorse! Keep up the good work. I think it's called cognitive dissonance...

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